United Nazi War Season 2
United Nazi War
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U.N.W. Season 2



Launch Date:

May 31st, 2012...

The United Nazi War Season 1 Was known as the first Episodes signifying the beginning and cause of the United Nazi War In the fall of 2011 before the days of Thanksgiving.

Storyline Edit

Deleted Scenes Edit

Shootout At Ignition SquareEdit

The Bush' s Snipers managed to Pin down a large Group of SS Invaders At Ignition Square Carcus Town, the Heart of the United Alliance of Brenda's Fans... According to a German officer Fegelein, Himmlar, and a large group of SS assaulted the ruins of the Concert area located at Hord Street, chasing Brenda down into the Sewers below...

Confident of Operation Gradossa being their last engagement on U.S. Soil the Germans split up in taking different routes throughout the Sewers... Fegelein managed to corner Brenda, but the Master of Antics was over powered by the English singer allowing her to escape Carcus Town with the help of her fans... This antic caused the Failure of Operation Gradossa and the Expanding of the United Nazi War...

Scene Chase through Carcus TownEdit

Unseen Battle While Pursing Kate Bush.... Though The Germans Occupied The Entire City of Carcus Town, along with 79% Of Upstate New York Including Cartel Hill. The Germans were unable to retrieve the English Singer Brenda Kylie, Which despite a victory caused the Failure of Operation Gradossa On November 21st in the Fall of 11...

Attack on Castro HeightsEdit

The United States National Guards Forces were sent in Southern U.K. After finding out that England was also getting attacked by the SS, Mainly due to the fact that It was considered to be Brenda Kylie's Homeland...

Though the Germans set up well defended positions in the village of Carl, their siege was later broken at Castro Heights, allowing the Germans to be cut off and the Royal army to mop up the remaining SS In the Region, reclaiming their soil On November 30th, 2011.... This was known as the first Battle In the United Nazi War to take place in England...

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