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United Nazi War

United Nazi War Season 2 Is currently in the making according to Web Series Creator 2091riveraisrael. It is scheduled that Production of the 2nd Season, will be completed as soon as 2091riveraisrael's Mac is repaired, and when he has gotten new War films off the Internet to blend in with the war.

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Season 2 of the United Nazi War is now in the making, It is scheduled to introduce new regions that become victims of Nazi Germany's Blitzkriegs, such as England, France, Nevada, Poland, Russia, and even Japan. New tracks are also being downloaded to take part as the montages to play over the war parts of the scenes, but Videos on World War II in color featuring Nazi Germany in foreign language, including those of Modern movies are still proving a nonsense...


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On November 15th, taking place Last year 4 days before Operation Gradossa, in 011, the U.A.B.F Attacked a Nazi Patrol in the Norman fields while attempting to scout out the area for U.A.B.F positions in the region. The sounds of shots and battle were later discovered by German officials watching from the distance, where they start getting itchy fingers on why the U.A.B.F are so far to the west of Upstate New York. The small skirmishes later turn into a large ground war.

Despite the Large engagement that took place At Norman Fields, in Western Upstate New York, The SS Were less successful in discovering the exact location of the British Singer Brenda Kylie, but their luck changed some time 3 days later On November 17th, where the same German Force that attacked the Norman fields managed to wipe out a small U.A.B.F ban about 12 miles South East of Carcus Town, where they later discovered the Concert add and the exact date of Brenda Kylie's arrival in the United States.

Hitler responded to this ad by a massing a large Nazi Invasion force to crush Carcus Town during her performance there by exterminating the United Alliance of Brenda's Fans, and arresting Brenda Kylie for her aggressiveness against the SS On November 8th, but 1 day before Operation Gradossa, The SS followed a small group of U.A.B.F forces to Hampton, which was known to be one of the U.A.B.F's major chilling out spots close to Kar, that fell 9 Days ago on November 9th, 2011 during Operation Swordfish. The Nazi's surprised the entire U.A.B.F Garrison at Hampton, while they were chilling out playing Kate Bush, and video games. Before the Attack the U.A.B.F Garrison managed to catch wind, that Brenda Kylie has just entered the country from England, by flying over Canada, and that her Concert was going to begin tomorrow at Carcus Town. The fans celebrated while shooting guns and tanks into the sky they couldn't wait to listen to their mistress perform once again in their home city.

This battle was known to be the opening Engagement to Operation Gradossa, which was Initiated on November 20th, the day after the SS Attacked Hampton.

Despite the overwhelming Germans during the attack, the U.A.B.F Managed to repel the attack at first, but than became overwhelmed by the SS Gradossa Invasion. After the fall of Hampton, the U.A.B.F, quickly alerted Carcus Town, who began to prepare their city for Nazi Invasion leading up to the Largest tank engagement On United States Soil...

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