Unidentified German Officer
Unidentified German Officer
Born: january 2nd, 1903
Died: August 2nd, 2015 (Age: 112)
Status: Deceased... 
Spouse: Unknown
Gender: Male
Nationality: German
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Unidentified Nazi Officer was an unnamed German military general of the Third Reich who controlled a portion of the German North Army, while at the same time controlling an Unidentified legion of German forces. This officer was mostly never seen during the Second World War, but might have had some involvement during the defense of Berlin, as it was identified by historians that he commanded a small portion of the North Army during that time. but was gradually seen during the United Nazi War, where he was shown to have been responsible for a German strike force in Occupied New Jersey.

The unnamed German officer was mostly known for the Fall of Regal City, during the United Nazi War in the year 2012, but it is unclear if he had any involvement in the city's invasion, as he was instructed by Hitler to just pacify German occupied New Jersey of all U.A.B.F militia and refugee's attempting to escape New England, towards American lines in central Upstate New York, or into Pennsylvania at the time.

It was eventually discovered by 2031, that the Unidentified Officer, was indeed the main leader of Nazi Germany's victory at Regal City on June 1st of 2012, where it was also discovered that he held the city as his own base of operations, and was promoted by Hitler just one week after Regal City's fall on June 15th.

This officer was killed in 2015, During the Liberation of New England during the Second Battle of Regal City on August 2nd.