The Unidentified Nazi Photagrapher was an unnamed German news photagrapher during the Second World War. It is known that he was the one to photograph the Ghost Soldier in 1943, that had been tormenting Nazi Soldiers in the last 3 years. Despite a well done photograph the photographer captured of the Ghost Soldier in 1943, he was never seen again, after that.

The only thing that was found of the Photographer was the rare image of the Ghost soldier, that was taken in 1943. The Photograph was discovered in 1950, by East German citizens, in which sparked horror amongst East and West Germany during the Cold War Era. Though the photograph was discovered, the body of the Photographer despite the extreme advance of technology, was never found along with his camera that snapped the picture in 1943.

The Photographer was remembered well by Nazi Germany, during both the German Civil War, and United Nazi War, and feared that once again the Ghost Solider would return and wreak havoc on them once again like it did during the Second World War, despite Nazi Germany's return to the surface in 2004, the Ghost Soldier never returned, and was never seen again after the Second World War's end in 1945.

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