The United Fans of Normous


Fire ArmsEdit

Despite U.F.N's lack of believing that the Nazi's are still around they are well armed with AK-47's, Rocket Propelled Grenades, and RPD, Machine guns and other Fire arms from the 21st Century, It is now World War II Weaponry vs. Modern Weaponry.

The United Fans of Normous also use a large variety of United States Fire Arms due to the fact that the United States is indeed their home.

The Fans get their guns from either the nearest Gun shops or by internet depending on the payment or the licensing. Despite being a modern fan organization for Rapper Eminem, The U.F.N, also have a huge Interest with Lil Wayne and The Game.

The U.F.N trade their guns with EP. (Echo Park), Who were apparently formed In 1996, and consists of both Teenagers and adults alike.

The U.F.N harbor mostly Russian equipment, such as the AK-47, The RPG-7, and The RPD, but rely on United States Stinger Missiles, and Rocket Propelled Grenades. Unlike the United Alliance of Brenda's Fans, The United Fans of Normous no longer have vehicles for they find vehicles as being the cowards way In fighting either a Gang war or of course the United Nazi War.

The U.F.N never saw the meaning of War until November 11th, of 2011, when Eminem order them out to Cartel Hill which would be later known as Hill 66, where they later come into contact with Nazi Germany much to their surprise in disbelief for they had completely thought that the party has been disbanded for over 66 Years.

... AK-47
... RPD Machine Gun
... RPG-7
... M72 law rocket
M9 Beretta
... M9 Berretta
XCR Rifle
... Robinson Armament XCR
... AR-15
... 20170731155322 1
... Knight's Armament Company PDW
... M468
Mini Beryl
... Mini Beryl
M4 Carbine
... M4 Carbine
M14 Rifle
... M14 Rifle
SVD Sniper Rifle
... SVD Sniper Rifle
... [[File:|200px]]
... [[File:|200px]]
... [[File:|200px]]
Armalite AR-18
... AR-18 Assault Rifle
MG4 Machine Gun
... MG4 Machine Gun
Hi-Point Carbine
... Hi-Point Carbine Upgraded Version
... Bizon