Field Recon Is a Bonus game, that is planned by 2091riveraisrael, that takes place after the Events of Act 9, During the United Nazi War Video Game's Storyline.

The Player may unlock other factions to fight off against endless waves of enemies consisting of Infantry, Armored Tanks, And Vehicles, Planes, and Gunship helicopters, holding an unnamed field until reinforcements arrive, in this game, the player controls and creates the story, he or she wishes.


The Setting of the Mission Field Recon, Is Unnamed, but the Region that the Fight Took place was known to be Brara. The Mission takes Place In an unknown Part of Upstate New York, about 2 Months after Act 9, the Epilogue of the United Nazi War Video Game...

Mission Edit

Though the Bonus round, can unlock other Factions, The Bonus Round mostly Takes you inside the Boots of Nazi Germany, who managed to establish a Radio Link, on an Unknown field, on a hill surrounded by Forest, and wide open Terrain.

A Recon force sent by U.A.B.F fan leader Charles Kurtman, from the Ikon Country region discovers your position, and sends word back to The forces of U.A.B.F allowing them to connect with a U.F.N force in the region and attack The Hill, with Infantry and Ground Vehicles, and Helicopters alike.

You must defend the Hill with your infantry forces of about 20-30 In Military Strength against the U.A.B.F's 140, and U.F.N's 89 Strength, without any vehicle support for at least 2 hours until Reinforcements can arrive, With half tracks filled with More Infantry, Tiger II Tanks, and Air Planes.

Factions that can be UnlockedEdit

Regions that can be UnlockedEdit

  • Trails Hill:
  • Legion Fields:
  • Resse City:
  • Ore Bridge:
  • Keller Cliff:
  • Boston Harbor:
  • Regions Town:

If the Player should Beat the Game with a great High Score, The Player will be able to Unlock Regions for the United Arcade Session of the Game, set to take Place after the Storyline, with only Just 7 Regions, in order not to go into too much Detail.

The 7 Regions, of the United Arcade, is no longer apart of the Storyline and is just installed for fun, in getting gamers to play in Third Person for their entertainment, However only one Mission, Such as the German Mission on the Bonus Round, was by 2091riveraisrael to be known as the Opening Prologue Leading to Season 2 of the United Nazi War Web Series.

Storyline Edit

Main article: Battle of Mission Fields

The game Is set 2 Months after Hollow Hill, In an Unknown Region Somewhere In Upstate New York, where a Column of Nazi Infantry discover and Enter the Region hoping to use it as a Testing site, for their New Project, Their first major Cellphone Antenna, in order for the SS To keep in contact with each other much easier than their World War II Radios that they have been using ever since the Second World War 67 Years ago.

The Column enters the unknown Region, bogging down trees with the help of Tiger Tanks, and later find themselves on a wide open space with a hill over looking the center surrounded by Forests.

Functions Between Persons Edit

Field Recon is a tactical shooter focused primarily on infantry combat, however it also features significant vehicular and aerial combat elements.

The player is able to command AI squad members which adds a real-time strategy element to the game. This is further enhanced by introduction of the high command system, which allows the player to command multiple squads using the map.

The Persons of Field Recon, is Known to be First Person, but can be switched to third Person, with just a push of a Button. The Bonus round is set in an Unknown Region Somewhere In Upstate New York, where the Player for the first time stands inside the Boots of the Nazi Regime in an unnamed field where they are told to Hold Position until reinforcements can arrive from the East.

The Player must survive for at least 2 Hours, in order for the he/she to unlock, the other Factions for the Bonus Round, such as the United Alliance of Bush's Fans, the United States Military, the National Guards forces, Or even the United Fans Of Eminem.

Trivia Edit

  • Bonus Mission Field Recon, can only be unlocked once the Player has completed all 9 Acts, from the United Nazi War Video Game Plotline...
  • The Bonus Mission was known to be a Tribute to Arma II Developed by Bohemia Interactive In the Czech Republic...
  • The Battle in the Unknown Fields, marked the first stage of Production for Project Brabrossa On May 2nd, 2012...