A List of the major Fire Arms that will be found and used throughout the future planning of the United Nazi War Video Game...

20th, Century Guns Edit

Rifles Edit

  • Gewehr 41 (The Gewehr 41, Makes an Appearence as soon as the Player reaches Act 6, In Carcus Town, where the Germans are shown to have received their more advanced Guns from the Second World War, Like every other fire arm this gun can also be used, and It can also be used in Field Recon as well If the Karabiner's Bolt Action, should prove a Nuisance...)
  • Karabiner 98k (The Karabiner98k Is the Main Rifle of the Nazi Regime, This Gun can be found on almost Every German you Encounter, close to the MP40, and MP34. This gun can also appear in the Game's Bonus Third Person Mission, Field Recon, in both First and Third Person, as your Primary Weapon...)
  • BAR Automatic Rifle (The BAR Cane be found the same way like the M1, It can either be on the ground, or in the Clutches of a National Guard's Unit...)
  • M1 Garand Rifle (The M1 Became the Standard Issue weapon for the National Guard forces, mostly due to America's bad Economy, and the Bulk of Modern Guns engaged In Afghanistan, These guns can either be found on the ground from dead National Guard units, or in the Clutches of National Guard forces, fighting the Nazi Blitzkrieg...)

Sub Machine Guns Edit

  • MP40 (The MP40 Sub machine Gun is the first major Weapon that the Player recievies during the First Act and Tutorial Mission Teaneck, These guns can be found in the hundreds to thousands throughout the game, like those of STG44's or Karabiner 98 Rifles...)

Assault Rifles Edit

Rocket Launchers Edit

Machine Guns Edit

  • MG.34 (The MG.34 is the first Major Machine Gun that you Use when Is Mounted. It is used the same time when you pick up the RPG-7USA Your first anti Tank Launcher, After Act 2, The MG.34 is shown rarely throughout the rest of the game, because It was replaced by the MG.42...)

21st, Century Guns Edit

Assault RiflesEdit

Rocket LauncherEdit

  • PSRL-1 (The Airtronic PSRL-1 Is the first Major Rocket Launcher that the Player receives during Act 2, Manhattan, He/She can find several of these Rocket Launchers from dead United States Military forces in the Mid Events of the Game...)
  • SMAW
  • M72 LAW

Machine GunsEdit

Sub machine GunsEdit