Universal Sentra...
Universal Sentra Logo
Fate: To Be Founded, after Let's Go Defender...
Industry: Video Game Development
Founded: January 19th, 2013
Key People:
  • Spinachiskwl Chairwomen
  • Pokiezilla2
Founder: 2091riveraisrael
Parent: The PROJECT...

Universal Sentra, is known to be a Video Game Development Company founded by 2091riveraisrael on January 19th, 2013. It will be founded as soon as completion of the Game New Godzilla Team: Let's Go Defender can be created. If completed the company would be handed too Spinachiskwl as Chairwomen, of Universal Sentra, while 2091riveraisrael still reducts his role with The PROJECT, which is now indeed to be Universal Sentra's company Parent.

History Edit

Chair PeopleEdit

Third Party DeveloperEdit

Games Under Developement Edit

Names Of Developed Projects... Year Completed...
1. New Godzilla Team: Let's Go Defender TBA
2. United Nazi War Video Game TBA
3. United Nazi War: The Video Game Field Recon TBA
4. UNW: Region Conquest TBA
5. New Godzilla Team: Sensation TBA
6. D.C. Purge TBA

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