Valor of War

GamePlay Edit

In Valor of War, the player takes the role of the fictional Lieutenant Jarid Patterson, a former Vietnam pilot from the Air force during the Vietnam War Era, who was later recruited to the CIA Which was refunded back into the OSS, in 2012 about 4 months after the Fall of New England, and the start of the United Nazi War.

The game takes place near the end of the United Nazi War, (mid 2015-mid 2016). The goal of the game is to complete objectives, such as destroying enemy positions, and kill enemy German forces in the process.

The game also includes a split screen deathmatch mode, pitting two players against each other in various maps. Players can also unlock several secret characters after completing the game or through cheat codes.

Plot LineEdit

The game starts off in Nazi Occupied France on April 2nd of 2015, during the final events of the United Nazi War and Nazi Germany's end of Existence after 82 years of the Party's continuous existence since the end of the Second World War on in September of 1945.

Lieutenant Jarid Patterson, a local Vietnam War veteran, who was just promoted by Col. Hargro, in the last 2 years that he has been since he was chosen by the Office of Strategic Services since 2012. Upon arriving in France, Patterson was tasked, before his arrival that he was to find and locate a crashed French Army helicopter that was shot down somewhere in the countryside by German AA Fire and retrieve a brief case containing important Coalition plans that would be the main key towards a successful D-Day Operation on France UN forces staged in both England and Iceland. 

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

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