Valor of War: Frontal War

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Frontline is a first-person shooter where players take control of the protagonist player character in a first-person perspective where they fight through levels set during the United Nazi War against the Wehrmacht using 21st Century fire arms, performing a series of military operations.

Briefings take place at the start of each mission, which advance the plot and introduce new characters.

Each mission is structured through a number of linear levels, each with differing locations, levels of action and styles of gameplay. Initially the player character begins on the frontlines during Operation Nirfar backed up by other computer AI-controlled soldiers with an emphasis on fast action-orientated gun-based gameplay.

As the story progress however, the player character is sent on a variety of other missions including a number of covert and undercover operations in locations such as military based, German-occupied towns and manors, submarines and countryside settings.

The player character is tasked with objectives during levels that range from infiltration, espionage, rescue and recon. Because of the variety between missions and locations, gameplay also changes pace. While many missions involve Allied assaults on German targets others include elements of stealth and exploration. For example one selections of missions has the player detach from an air raid conducted by the U.S Air force in order to infiltrate a German U-Boat in order to get to a secret facility while another has them rendezvous and sneak into a German headquarters in disguise to rescue an operative. Many missions are performed solo yet some include an AI companion for backup. Health is determined by a health bar that can be replenished using a selection "medikits" found throughout levels with varying degrees of effect.

During missions, players can earn medals by the end of each level be meeting requirements such as completions of objectives, eliminating an amount of enemies and maintaining a percentage of health throughout, all represented by a bronze, silver or gold star

Plot Line Edit

Frontline starts with Lt. Jarid Patterson storming the Beachs of Tinarian, as a part of the Fall of Jada in 2012, (It is considered that the introduction to the game is taken from the 2001 PS2 Game Mead of Honer Front Line) after which the OSS sends him to disrupt German U-boat operations, in St Marcie, France, after aving to stow away onboard a U-Boat after infiltrating Occupied Fatel Harbor.

The OSS discovers that the Germans are conducting a plan against the American Goverment, while infiltrating the German Countryside, but their contact with both the American Resistance and Fan Militias within New England goes missing. As a result, Lt. Patterson joins up with the 81st Armored brigade during Operation Mar to find him.

After finding the contact and rescuing him from Nazi custody in Germany preventing as well a future possible Execution, the OSS learns that Nazi Strategies in the U.S have changed into a highly advanced Operation, that Nazi Germany is conducting in order to Attack Washington DC Lt. Patterson embarks to destroy Nazi targets around New England in order to help stall the Nazi Operation, however en route he has to cross and destroy the New Nijmegen Bridge, in order to try and stall the Nazi's to help prevent the where abouts of Operation D.C Purge.

However despite placing multiple C4 Chastises and radioing in to the Allies holding the Nazi's at bay in New Jersey, signaling them to pull out the Bridge did not fall, and the Nazi's arrived to early to hit the Bridge again forcing Patterson to retreat into the city of New Nijmegen.

As the Nazi's lay waste to the city of New Nijmege Patterson managed to rescue squads of United States National Guards men from being killed by German Kill Squads along with several Citizens while attempting to escape the City.

The OSS managed to keep Patterson in the City of New Nijmegen for a little longer in order to destroy Nazi Fuel stations all around the city with the help of American Resistance, but during the Night attack the resistance is discovered and terminated before Patterson could arriving forcing him to go solo on destroying the Fuel Stations throughout the city.

After destroying the Fuel Stations, and damaging multiple German Vehicles, Patterson than had to fight his way out of the city towards the Orason Hotel Rooftop where he was later picked up by a Black Hawk and flown outta of the city, escapin into the Country Side.

Unfortunately while En route, to Sharpsburg Maryland, the Luftwaffe managed to track down the Helicopter and shoot it down over Oris Hill where Patterson had to use stealth attacks in order to evade and maneuver Passed Nazi Patrols who were lookin for him.

After making his way passed the German patrols he managed to infiltrate a Nazi Field Head Quarters where Patterson managed to steal multiple Nazi Plans for Operation D.C Purge before stealing a Kubblewagon and escaping.

Upon arriving at Antietam Creek, Patterson is than assigned to help save the American Civil War Memorial Field, by destroying it, except for the Placks on the grave stones. By destroying it he had managed to prevent the Nazi's from learning about the field that they were fighting on and why their were ancient fortifications around.

Although Antietam Creek has fallen, Patterson was than ordered to destroy a Rail Gun that was pounding the City of Washington D.C, in which he succeeds and radios in to the Airforce in order to finish off the Other Railguns that were also firing in the distance on the Capital.

Upon the Game's final Mission Patterson was than ordered by the OSS, to leave Washington D.C and heads to Roland Square where he was to destroy a rail way Bridge in order to prevent the Nazi's from rolling in one of their Super Railway Artillery Pieces known as the Schwerer Gustav, from reaching firing Position in the hills over looking Roland Square about 20 miles away. While fighting his way through strong Nazi Defenses Patterson manage to see a large fight happening down below, revealing that another Army might have attack the Coast of Maryland.

Patterson than manages to destroy the Bridge sending the Super Cannon plunging down into the Ravine below, and managed to stop the Nazi's use for Rail Way Artillery support.

Patterson soon later finds himself surrounded by the Nazi's and fights them off, but is mortally wounded by a sniper hidden in the hills, before he is about to be shot by one of the German soldiers the British arrive and force the SS into retreat before Patterson passes out.

The Game ends with the Narrator explaining that the Nazi's had lost at Washington DC due to the help of Jarid Patterson, and the British and Canadians that had just broken through the Nazi Costal defenses at Roland Square. Before the Credits Patterson is known in the Hospital where he looks to be dead, but when the Medics leave his eyes open revealing that he is still alive.

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